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Getting food to those in need.

Founded in response to COVID-19, we provide homecooked meals and grocery care packages to those struggling with food insecurity.

Mutual Aid

Many ways to uplift the community

Whether you'd prefer to cook meals from your home, deliver to those in need, coordinate our volunteers, or help with social outreach.


Help coordinate grocery deliveries with FoodShare Toronto.

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Social Media & Outreach

Create social media content and/or contribute to community outreach.

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Cooking & Delivering

Interested in cooking, baking, or delivering? Volunteer to support families in Mississauga, Halton, Hamilton, and Tri-Cities-Guelph.

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A crisis in our community.

COVID 19 has left many in our community struggling to access food. We are faced with loss of income, unemployment, restricted transportation, and more.

Recognizing that COVID-19 is by no means "over", we focus on particularly hard-hit communities, including QTBIPOC, single parents, sex workers, precariously housed persons, those with medical conditions or disabilities, newly-arrived immigrants, and the elderly.

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Over volunteers spread
across the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area and beyond..

We are a volunteer-run, grassroots initiative providing home cooked meals and grocery bundles to those in need. We serve those who are struggling financially or are otherwise unable to provide food for themselves and their families.

Homemade meals and grocery bundles provided to more than 30,000 people in Southern Ontario

Looking for mutual aid?

Each week we deliver home cooked meals and grocery bundles to families in Mississauga, Halton, Hamilton, and Tri-Cities-Guelph, while providing periodic grocery care packages to families across Toronto.

We've partnered with FoodShare to provide boxes of fresh produce all across Toronto. These boxes are delivered directly to you for a non-contact drop-off. If you're in need of groceries, we encourage you to apply through our request form. Our request form is open from Friday at 9am until Sunday at 2pm.

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Our sister initiative operates in Mississauga, Halton, Hamilton, and Tri-Cities Guelph. If you're in one of these regions, they can help you find access to food.

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Looking for Toronto Meals?

Due to restricted resources and funding, we are no longer able to provide homecooked meals to families within Toronto. However, we'd be happy to put you in contact with some of our community partners, such as Unity Kitchen who have continued to provide meals services within the region.

You can also reach us at